Like many artists suddenly find, Robert Fishbone needed to make more money for his growing family. Realizing he did not want to expand his mural painting business, he and wife/partner Sarah Linquist used their formidable design skills to create, what else, The Inflatable Scream. It was a totally new concept in the museum gift market and caught on like wild fire.

Painted by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch in 1893, The Scream has been used thousands of times in the media to poke fun at stressful situations.  The image is so universally symbolic and powerful that only half of the people who bought Inflatable Screams even knew there was a painting by the same name…they just related to the feeling of being at the end of their ropes. For them, it provided some comic relief to desperate times. For art lovers, it was a unique reminder of the original artwork.

In this 25th anniversary year of first introducing the Inflatable Scream (1991-2016), and after selling over 450,000 of them in 20 countries, there is strong demand from a new generation who identify with this important icon of angst.  Whether you are stressed out by politics, the workplace, global warming, a relationship or the rapid pace of technology, the Inflatable Scream will understand you when no one else does. The first printing is limited so order yours soon.